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Chiropractor at work


"I believe in treating the cause of the problem, not the symptom. We use all-natural means to get this result."


-Dr. Michalski

Activator Technique

The activator is a small, hand-held instrument used to adjust the area of misalignments to the vertebrae and other joints of your body. This instrument can either be run manually or automatically.

HRV-Heart Rate Variability

This technology uses a computer to measure the effects of chronic stress. The data compiled will determine if you have energy reserve to handle the stressors of life - physical, chemical and emotional.

Wellness Education

We believe it is important for our patients to understand their chiropractic care program. Knowing the components of wellness is important to their recovery and maintenance.

Nutritional Consultations

We specialize in nutritional consulting and ONLY work with natural and organic products. We offer supplemnts provided by: Standard Process, NutriDyn, and Nutra West.

We also offer...

  • Cold Laser Devices

  • Multi-therapy Treament Tables

  • Hydro-Therapy Chairs

  • Neck Traction

  • Rehabilitation Exercises

  • Wobble Boards

  • Supplements

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