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Written Testimonials

"I am 30 years old and I woke up with unbelievable back pain. I had already spent thousands at the doctor to just get muscle relaxers and now I was at a point that I could not breathe or even lift my baby.  I decided to try a chiropractor for the first time in my life instead of going to the ER. I can honesty say after my first appointment my back was 70% better with no medicine! Without a question I saved thousands of dollars! If you are looking for a life saver then talk to these guys! I also like that they did not throw medicine at me either. They provide an all natural supplement to take (provided at the office) that helped me with the swelling around my spine.  Don’t waste your time anywhere else! Come here and know you are taken care of!  FYI they have a great payment system that bunches numerous of appointments into one friendly price.  I paid more going to urgent care then what 24 visits would cost here!!"

- Jeremiah L.

Jeremiah's Testimonial

Andrea's Testimonial

"I am a newer patient. Came in with severe occipital headaches. Dr. Michalski has been sure and steady. I am free of them. Thank you."

- Jen T.

Gina's Testimonial

"Dr. M is one of THE best chiropractors that I have met! I have worked for many chiropractors, but the amount and attention to detail, the accuracy, and the intuition Dr. M has is incomparable. His at home recommendations make all the difference as well! I have known Dr. M for ten years and I have not come across anyone more in tune and so amazing with the activator technique! He takes his time to make sure he addresses every area and each patient is treated uniquely."

- Andrea M.

Jen's Testimonial

Doc is so kind and caring! He makes time for you and actually listens to what you say. His wife Bobbi is the receptionist and she is super friendly and talkative! I feel 100x better than when I first started going here. 10/10 would recommend!

-Gina K.

Our family has seen Dr. Michalski for many years. Truly a gifted doctor. I personally have been fortunate to have Doc help me. Highly recommend.

-Louis D.

Louis's Testimonial

Maria's Testimonial

TOTAL ADVOCATE & CHAMPION from total skeptic! I was nearing the end of remodeling my home and I could hardly move (severe sciatic pain), sleep, or concentrate. My uncle strongly encouraged me to seek treatment. He has been a patient of Dr. Michalski’s for over 40+ years. I conceded. It has been the BEST decision I have ever made! Dr. Michalski is a true HEALER! The initial consultation was amazing…the cost is a donation! After a specialized scan (WOW) I learned what treatment would work to help my sciatic problems, knee pain, neck pain, back pain…Yes, I was a hot mess! In the last 5 months, Dr. Michalski has literally put me back together. He LISTENS intently to your problems; but has the advanced training and knowledge to know exactly where the root cause of your problem resides. He AMAZED me! I was relieved of the severe sciatic and knee pain in short order. I have other conditions that compounded my problems and Dr. Michalski has relieved many of those issues. I can move again, sleep again, and concentrate again! An awesome side effect – I am a much HAPPIER and ENERGETIC woman for my family. My best advice…don’t wait! Seek treatment from Dr. Michalski. I have the utmost respect and am unbelievably grateful for all he has done and continues to help me maintain!

-Maria K.

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